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Smarketly Review


With all the marketing platforms currently available for online businesses, it’s very hard to stand out and provide true value to your users. I’ve tested lots of products that claim to be “all-in-one marketing solutions”, and I can say with certainty that the rest completely fall short when compared to Smarketly.

Since starting Smarketly, I’ve been able to cut costs on all the other softwares I was using to maintain and grow my business, and now save time and money accessing everything I need in one easy to use system. While the initial details may seem complicated, in my following Smarketly Review I break down exactly what this platform is capable of, and what costs it cuts for me on a daily basis.

So what is Smarketly?

Smarketly is a cost-effective, behavior-driven marketing platform. Smarketly allows marketers to build and deliver funnels from customizable landing pages, email campaigns, popups, rules, notifications, and more all based on behavioral data. On top of this, Smarketly allows marketers streamlined automation to manage their entire marketing work from under one roof.


Smarketly’s most vital feature in my opinion is its funnel management. It’s allowed me to create multiple pathways for customer conversions from different traffic sources, and has allowed me to integrate upsells, downsells, and email captures with the most specific, yet easy to use criteria.

With the funnel management system, I’ve found that Smarketly also integrats flawlessly with all of my other tools that I still like to use. While I do love the built in email builder, Smarketly’s integration with third party apps like MailChimp and Aweber allows me to maintain and utilize all of my lists, so I don’t have to do any manual file transfers every time I want to start a new campaign.

With the integration and automation as mentioned above, the behavioral data that comes from Smarketly truly wraps everything together in a cohesive, convenient package. Smarketly collects specific behavioral data from Facebook, email campaigns and any other third party services and presents it to you in a clear and concise way, showing the marketer trends they may not even know they should be looking for! Smarketly’s analytics are embedded into every aspect of the funnel, helping you save time and take the guesswork out of your decision making process.”

You can check out a full Smarketly Review & Demo Video below:


Is Smarketly Worth It?

This Smarketly review wouldn’t be complete without a thorough cost-benefit analysis. I can say confidently that I’m very pleased with myself for trying this product, and honestly wish Smarketlyf was around years ago. The benefits of their analytics, integration, and management can be broken down into two primary resources: data that lets you know what’s working on track, and data that lets you know what exactly is missing or needs improvement. This alone has saved my business thousands of dollars in wasted ad revenue and email list space, and it’s honestly already paid for itself multiple times over.

With a Front End Price of only $37 for Smarketly, I’d say there really isn’t that much to lose, and a whole lot to gain. You can give Smarketly a try right here, or by clicking the button below.

Looking for more? Check out these Mastermind Tutorials!

Smarketly also offers an additional Mastermind Video Series! You can check out the first episode below, and view the rest here.


Be More Productive at Work – Fruitphul Review

Have you been trying to be more productive at work? Maybe you’ve wanted to get more organized? Even if you’re just looking to get a healthier work/life balance, Fruitphul has proven to be the key solution for all of my own productivity problems.

I was very skeptical at first. I’ve tried to-do apps and lists, I’ve tried setting reminders and restrictions, but I never felt truly motivated and fulfilled with my productivity methods. It’s very challenging to stay productive while working at home. Every time I started a new trendy tool, I’d end up forgetting to do it for a day or two and falling back into my old, lazy patterns.

However I noticed a huge change with Fruitphul. The accountability and clear ease of use is what really helped me stay organized and on top of my business and focus on a day to day basis. Please enjoy the following Fruitphul Review and learn to maximize your daily efficiency!

Perk 1: In-Depth Training

Fruitphul comes with a stellar in depth training system made up of 9 modules and 54 videos, all stored in the cloud at the consumer’s convenience. In these videos, they will break down the famous “80/20” rule of productivity and give you the tools to apply it to our own businesses and personal daily life. You can check out a concise Fruitphul demo video below.

With my experience with the system, I’ve broken down some of the key factors that really inspired me to make this Fruitphul review:

  • The breakthrough strategy of accomplishing goals in 1/100 of the time it normally takes by microbreaking and leverage assigning.
  • Strategies to ‘free up time’ and focus on the things that matter most to you, even if it seems you have no time to even work on yourself
  • Outsourcing, scaling, and hiring strategies to put your business (and personal life) on autopilot, even if you don’t think you have the budget to begin delegating tasks.
  • Systematic and scientific ways to ‘reprogram’ your mind and body so success happens automatically without tons of willpower and motivation.
  • Stop and reverse the things (both internal and external) that are sabotaging you from being more productive and being successful and happier.
  • Why “static productivity” drives so many businesses and people into the ground and how to make sure you never get caught in this dangerous trap
  • What you should eat and how to exercise to get tons of high quality energy and focus. Fruitphul dives into way more than just ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ type advice
  • The right way to create a personal success ritual that produces drastic results long term, and why most ‘morning routines’ and pricey journals that ‘gurus’ push don’t work.

Pricing: Is Fruitphul it worth it?

A Fruitphul review wouldn’t be complete without it; the question everyone is probably wondering: Do you get the bang for your buck? I’d have to say, with a comprehensive system like this, and with a 30-day money back guarantee, I’d say it’s absolutely worth it to test out. I urge you, if you’re on the fence, at least give it a test before the offer expires. You can check out the full pricing rates below.


Ultimately, the combination of the organization tools with color-coded micro tasks, leverage scores for ranking tasks by importance and urgency, it’s cloud based storage, and vastly easy to use analytics, I’d say Fruitphul is an absolute hit. Don’t just take my word for it, test it out with an exclusive money back guarantee offer by clicking the button below!

Thank you for reading my Fruitphul review, be sure to share if you enjoyed it!


Co Embed Review

Imagine you could get paid for doing things you already do online every day? What if you could monetize everything you do online to make commissions and sales without actually selling anything? Finally, the answer to these questions has presented itself in the form of Mo Miah and John Gibbs’ Co Embed.

Co Embed is an all-in-one web-based software that allows you to embed your call to actions, affiliate links, annotations, opt in forms, images, and so much more within any video content you’re already sharing on your website. You can do this on your own videos, authority videos, and even the most trending viral videos with ease. The best aspect of this software in my  experience is the simplicity of it all. Co Embed was easy to set up, and commissions were coming in left and right. You can download it at the button below, and I’ll break it down further for you in our following Co Embed review.

In short, new users of Coembed can start building a solid online business without a landing page or even their own hosting in just three (3) simple steps:
 STEP 1: Grab any video or website content, or even use your own
STEP 2: 
Embed your CTA, links, share buttons & opt in forms + design them at will (100 % flexible)
STEP 3: 
Post or schedule your coembed links and campaigns on social media platforms, your blogs, and more…

In 2017 alone, Sharing quality viral videos or Content is still one of the best ways to drive 100% FREE traffic from social media platforms – and Coembed makes it as simple as three clicks.

And that’s just in the original, Co Embed also offers some very worthwhile Upsells to really take advantage of this breakthrough software:

Upsell 1 (Co Embed Pro):

Facebook Retargeting – This allows users to add every visitor that visits their coembed campaign links to a facebook custom audience to create hyper targeted audiences on their FB ads manager account (leveraging other people’s content.) Users can then retarget these audiences by pushing related ads.
A/B split testing – This allows users to experiment with multiple variations of CTA to optimize for higher conversion rates on their coembed campaigns.
Custom CSS – Users can add a custom css code to their link CTA campaigns when embedding on other people’s web content. This is a special option for advanced users who need the ability to display their own stylish CTA.
Custom Video Landing Page – This gives users the ability to host their coembed videos on a custom landing page with the ability to edit the logo, background, headline and text. Users can then advertise their embedded videos on a custom landing page!
Case Studies – We will be revealing all the profitable campaigns we ran using coembed as case studies to pro users only.
Upsell 2 (Co Embed Traffic Mastery Training):

This completes the puzzle for customers who get access to OTO 2. We all know every user needs traffic to fuel their coembed campaigns.Here we will hold weekly live calls with users and train them intensively on various traffic strategies they can use in fueling their coembed campaigns, and then we will have the replay uploaded in to the members area for OTO 2 customers only.

Upsell 3 (Co Embed Agency License)

Agency License  – Here your customers will be able to create account access for their virtual assistants or whoever else they want to give access to. They will be able to get 50 unique licenses on the software.

You can get the full suite of Co Embed + these three optional upsells right here.

Need more convincing? Check out this comprehensive tutorial video below:
If you’re still not fully convinced that this product is right for your online businesses, we at Fresh Reviews are happy to provide you some extremely valuable bonus content, if you purchase Co Embed from our site.
Bonus 1:
The world’s most powerful, easiest to use & smartest ads builder, with over 1000 high converting in-built templates. No more hiring expensive designers to create graphics, now you can just click-edit and publish beautiful high converting ads on the fly.
Bonus 2:
This beginner’s course in Facebook ad shows you from beginning to end, the whole fb ads platform in a newbie friendly way. In this you’ll learn how to setup your very first ads campaign, and learn about the the facebook pixel, and how it works.

Bonus 3:


Discover How To Get Traffic With YouTube Even Faster And Improve Your Results… This Is The Fastest Way To Become A YouTube Traffic Expert!

Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach; so it’s absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible. In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need in order to get word out about your business.
Bonus 3:
Need For SPEED Writing Course ($997 VALUE)

This hefty pre-selling course contains everything you need to be a preselling master. Imagine being able to write highly engaging and shareable content within hours, instead of days or weeks.

Bonus 4:


Edit your fanpage online and create any number of pages that you want, with tabbed navigation and much more. Setup your own personal members area to control your fanpages. Once you’re complete, upload straight to facebook and begin using instantly!

Bonus 5:


Learn The Secrets For Using Pinterest To Generate Hordes of Viewers To Any Page You Want!

If you’re a marketer and you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest and the most flexible/powerful platforms out there. Pinterest may not be quite as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think. What’s more, it has a ton of unique features that present excellent opportunities for the savvy marketer.
Bonus 6:

Get these bonuses and more by clicking the image below!

please email to collect your bonuses upon Co Embed purchase.

Social Kickstart 2 Review


Finally an all-in-one Facebook page manager has come to market, and in it’s latest release, Social Kickstart 2.0 is sleeker and more comprehensive than ever. With this new software’s launch, total control of practically every facet of Facebook page and audience management imaginable is now right at your fingertips. Follow us below and we’ll break it all down for you in this review.


Social Kickstart Highlights

  • Manage All Fan Page Posts/Updates
  • Discover Engaging Content
  • Gain Rich Insights
  • Schedule Unlimited Posts
  • Manage Content Queue
  • User Management
  • Teespring Research
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Intergrated Replies to Comments

New in Version 2.0

  • Simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram Accounts
  • Facebook Live Scheduling (Desktop App)
  • Improved Scheduling
  • More Content Sources (Youtube, Groups, and more)

So what does this all mean? Check out a comprehensive video to see for yourself:

Still not convinced? Purchase through this page and you’ll get a money back guarantee from Digital Kickstart, and four extra bonus tools all for free!

Check out the following free bonuses:

Bonus 1: Facebook Timeline Optin


Bonus 2: Facebook Redirect Pro


Bonus 3: Facebook Timeline Survey


Bonus 4: Facebook GFX Pro


If you want to check out all of the perks of Social Kickstart 2.0 along with these sweet bonuses, click the link below and get started yourself!


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